Around Manasalu Trek

The off beaten Manasalu trek passing through Labubeshi is not only climb and decent but also an unfolding natural phenomenon of biophysical dynamics. Leaving behind the historical town of Gorkha and the tiny bustling town of arughat, the trail follows the magnificent deep blue waters of budhi Gandaki. Deep gorges, rock overhangs and canyons, such as the one in Jagat, quickly lands through a process of Himalayan upliftment.
The upper Budhi Gandaki valley is narrow and steep. The challenge offered by Himalayan height and precipitous slopes and opportunities to enjoy the real grandeur of mountain beauty and its wilderness often blend with indigenous culture here. For living in the chill of the snow capped Manaslu are the friendly Gurung and the Ghale ethnic groups. The trail encircles the Manaslu Himal with a fiesta of glaciers within. The Manaslu , Pungen and Larkya glaciers are easily approachable from the main trail.
All along, a large member of waterfalls is encountered but the one near Pork is the most spectacular. Off the track from Pork is the Kaltal lake  from where Sringi and the Ganesh Himals can be seen is splendor towards its east. As the valley opens towards the west of  Samagaon vistas of high mountains including Manaslu, Himalchuli and Buddha Himal become pronounced. Manasalu rises like a volcanic cone and the western face of the peaks is best viewed from the Khola valley through fir and rhododendron forest as one descends from Larkya Bhanjyang.
Day 1-2 Arrive Kathmandu; sightseeing
Day3-23 Bus to Gorkha; on trek
Day 23-24 Return to Kathmandu;free day
Day 25Depart Kathmandu 
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