Dolpo Treks
The land Dolpa lies on the northern trans Himalayan region of Nepal , lies the extreme landscape of Upper Dolpo . The route begins by meandering through pine and cedar forest with views of the massive Dhaualgiri range in the background. The entrance to Dolpo lies beyond the Jangla Bhanjyang Pass (4500m). At the head of the valley lay snow-capped peaks and the desolate Tibetan plateau beyond. Protected from rain, this region is dry where the Dolpo inhabitants have carved out a niche of survival in the harsh surroundings by trading with near by Tibet . A vision of beauty, the Phokshindo (Ringmo) and the legendary monastery of the pre-Buddhist Bonpo sect is our momentous destination. As the most remote and least developed district in Nepal , this trek is reserved for those with a true sense of adventure.