Tibet being the roof top destination for travelers of the world has been fascinating for mankind since its door opened for foreigners. Mystical. Tibet, meaning 'Holy Land', situated at the tranquil and calming landscaped of snow capped mountains glistening in the brilliant sun against a backdrop of deep blue sky offers a unique panorama for you to enjoy your vacation of a lifetime!
This 'land of mysteries, forbidden not only by man before but also by nature, appealed to so many explorers, scholars, pilgrims and adventurers in the past, hoping to find probably the real "Shangri-La". In those days Lhasa, capital and the center of Tibetan culture, religion and Lama theology, was so far away from rest of the world.
Now, Tibet is much more accessible by air and over land. Tourist's inflow to Tibet has
risen almost every year to experience the insight of the Buddhist culture, people,
ancient monasteries and colorful festivals date back hundreds of years.

Booking conditions and China/Tibet Visa

Confirmed reservation should reach us 2 weeks prior to tour departure date along with US$ 100.00 non-refundable deposit per person.
Himalayan Shangri-La will Process visa for you and we require following details while making your booking:
Name in full(As per Passport), 2. Sex, 3. Date of birth, 4. Passport Number
5.  Date of issue and expire, 6. Profession, 7. Nationality    

Cost of Visa fee varies for every nationals. A normal Visa fee is applicable for the Visa to be processed in 3 days and US$ 20 additional fee is charged by the China Embassy for the Visa to be processed within a day.
The Embassy of China is open every Monday,Wednesday & Friday from 10 AM-11AM for China/Tibet Visa.

There will be a cancellation charge of 50% for confirmed tour up to 7 days prior to departure whereas, no refund thereafter. No refund for no shows and delay arrivals whatsoever reason.
Clothing & Others:

Casual wear and comfortable walking shoes are necessary in Tibet. Be sure to bring warm clothing as nights and early mornings can be quite chilly to downright cold in winter months. Bring all the film, medicine, cosmetics, personal toilet items etc. that you will need from home as these are difficult if not imposible to obtain in Tibet. A small first aid kit is also a good idea.

May to Octover.
Raincoat or windbreaker, Jacket, Sweater, Sunglasses, Sun hat, Shirts, Walking shoes and Scarves.
November to April.
Sleeping Bags, Down Jacket, Long johns, Tharmel underwares, Woollen trousers, Shirts, Hats and Scarves.

Altitude Sickness and Other health tips:

Travelling to Tibet is considered an adventure involving high altitude and can be strenuous too, depending on the each traveller. Lhasa itself is 3,650m.(1200ft.) from the sea level and we suggest our clients to consult with their Doctors before travelling to Tibet especially for thoes with heart, lungs or blood diseases. Symptoms of the altitude sickness, tiredness and breathlessness. If such symptoms incurrd, then we recomended to take more rest for for the first few days and drink at least 4 litres of non alcoholic liquids. Please carry Diamox for altitude sickness which is highly recomended.
We recommend all our clients to have full travel insurance coverage before the commencement of Tibet journey particularly for trip cancelation and interruption due to the reason beyond our control.
Flight to Lhasa:
Flight KTM/LHASA/KTM are on every Tuesday and Saterday. It will start from 26th March and the last flight will be on 31st of December.
The unit of currency for foreigners is Yuan. US$ 1=8 Yuan. Money can be exchanged at The bank of China at Lhasa, Zhangmu and Xigatse. In case the banks are closed we suggest you ask for a loan from your guide.
Time difference:
China has only one time zone and Tibet is 2 hours 15 minutes ahead of Nepalese Standard time.