Trekking in Nepal
The best way to experience Nepal's unbeatable combination of natural beauty and cultural riches is to walk through them. The immense contrast in altitudes and climates found here support and equally spectacular mix of lifestyles, vegetation types and wildlife. Trekking in the mountains of Nepal is thus like moving through a colorful tableau. It is more a cultural experience than wilderness expedition. You will be passing through picturesque villages inhabited by diverse ethnic groups. You will see Chhetri farmers working in their fields and Tamang herders grazing their animals on the steep slopes. You will meet Gorkha a soldier home on leave and come across Sherpa yak drivers transporting goods over the high mountain passes. And always in the background, the icy pinnacles of the Himalayan loom over the scenery.
A- Easy: Day hiking, sightseeing and always stays in the hotel, But don't expect that trek is easy graded and you will never tired.
B- Leisurely: These trips can be enjoyed by anyone who leads a reasonably active life. The trekking itinerary will be nine days or less, with elevations generally 2500-3000m.
C- Moderate: The trekking itinerary wills more than nine days. Some previous hiking experience is desirable. Elevations up to 4000m. with ups and downs.
D- Strenuous: You need to be familiar with mountain walking and posses a fair degree of stamina. These trips include difficult trekking conditions, covering long distance and high passes.(A doctor's certificate is required).